Dehkadeh Royaha tourism company, was founded in June 2017 by Abbas Bashiri with the purpose of raising tourism-related awareness and tourism cultural development within the society.

In line with the company's purpose, Dehkadeh Royaha is striving for employing new and useful methods to encourage people to familiarize with the geographical scopes, cultural and natural heritages, traditional arts and handicrafts, domestic tourism attractions and to engage in supporting the Persian culture, art and civilization.

Moreover, Dehkadeh Royaha hopes that the achievements of its activities, will contribute to social happiness, social public health, employment rate, introduction of less-known places, rural development and balancing the exchange of tourists. Another aim of the company is to provide all members of the society, with different capabilities, the opportunity to enjoy travelling. For instance, providing free or affordable packages and also packages with facilities for people with special needs.

Dehkadeh Royaha